A day-long course being offered by SPVS/VPMA will offer insights into the best way to train your reception team.

Veterinary receptionists are critical, not only to client satisfaction, but to achieving clinical resolution and optimising profit.  Veterinary receptionists need a spectrum of skills, but all too often veterinary receptionist training is ad hoc and “on the job” and can be one of the biggest challenges to running a practice.  

Poorly trained receptionists will have a knock on to the whole team resulting in inconsistent client experiences.

With this in mind, SPVS/VPMA are running a course entitled “Training the Veterinary Receptionist” on April 30 at Kents Hill Park in Milton Keynes, and again on September 11 at the Norton House Hotel in Ingliston, Scotland. The course is designed specifically for practice managers, owners, head nurses or head receptionists whose job description includes training the reception team.

Course leader Brian Faulkner will show delegates how veterinary receptionists are pivotal in ensuring pets, owners, nurses and vets work together to achieve optimum clinical resolution – and how, by getting this right, they contribute to optimum financial resolution.

Also, it goes without saying that happy, effective receptionists are key to a positive and productive practice culture

The day will include case studies of practices with successful embedded reception training programmes. CPD certificates, lunch and refreshments are included.
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