The Moredun Foundation has recognised the “outstanding contribution” of former employee Steve Wright, whose work has increased scientific knowledge and understanding of Cryptosporidium. 

The Moredun Foundation has recognised the efforts of Stephen Wright who for his outstanding contribution to increasing the scientific knowledge and understanding of a waterborne parasite that is responsible for significant disease in both humans and livestock. 

Steve Wright (right) receives his award from Moredun Foundation chairman Ian Duncan Millar.Moredun, one of the top ten animal research institutes in the world, conducts research on the infectious diseases of livestock, caused by important viruses, bacteria and parasites.

The foundation – the governing body of Moredun Research Institute – awarded former employee Stephen Wright with an honorary fellowship during its AGM on September 5, 2013.

Mr Wright, who retired from his post in 2007 after almost 30 years at the institute, received the award for his “outstanding contribution” to increase the scientific knowledge and understanding of Cryptosporidium. Even after retirement, Mr Wright continued to provide help to staff at the institute, providing intellectual and practical advice, as well as hands-on help when required.

It is thanks to his continued input that Moredun has a flourishing research group working on Cryptosporidium at both Moredun Research Institute and Moredun Scientific, which led to the institute’s involvement in the €8.9 million Aquavalens research project that aims to ensure microbiologically safe water supplies in Europe.

Speaking at the AGM Ian Duncan Millar, chairman of the Moredun Foundation, praised Mr Wright for his contribution, not just to the work of Moredun, but to the scientific and farming communities.

He said: “Steve’s scientific skills and knowledge have significantly improved our knowledge of the biology of Cryptosporidium parasites which has been invaluable to those involved in veterinary public health and protecting the environment from contamination with this important pathogen.”

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