A protective bodysuit made from fabric developed for Olympic athletes has helped save the life of a dog that suffered severe lacerations to its right hind leg in a farm machinery accident.

The three-year-old bullmastiff, called Diesel, presented at Crescent Veterinary Clinic, Melton Mowbray.

Diesel with vet Lucinda Myring (left) and head nurse Emma Garner.

Given the severity of the injuries, three bone-deep lacerations, vets initially felt Diesel might lose the leg – and possibly have to be euthanised.

Pioneering protection

Determined to avoid this if she could, vet Amber Marriott and colleague Lucinda Myring stitched his wounds and dressed them.

Unfortunately, Diesel found the dressings uncomfortable and the location of wounds on his leg meant the dressings kept sliding out of place, causing the over-granulation of tissue on the wound site.

Senior vet Dr Myring consulted the Veterinary Wound Library, which alerted her to a pioneering protective bodysuit. Called a KANfix bandage, it is a whole-body garment made from a fabric normally worn by Olympic athletes. Once fitted onto an animal, it can keep dressings in place while giving extra support to wounds through low-level compression.

Stabilise the leg

In Diesel’s case, the suit helped stabilise the leg joint and gave him much more mobility, which increased his quality of life significantly while healing.

Dr Myring said: “This was the first time I’d heard of the suit, but, given the nature and location of Diesel’s injuries, it made a tremendous difference. It’s great to see how well the wound is healing and I can certainly see us using these suits again in practice.

“Diesel is a lovely dog and we’ve really enjoyed caring for him. We are so pleased he is almost back to normal again after such a dreadful start to 2017.”

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