Targeted Equine Nutrition (TEN) has launched Challenged Mare, its long-awaited supplement specially formulated following repeated customer requests for a product to help support a healthy hormonal balance.

According to the company, TEN Challenged Mare contains a synergistic balance of active ingredients to help you to keep your mare on a more even keel. It contains chastetree berry, which has been traditionally used to support a healthy hormonal balance and vitamin D, known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ for general well-being. 
Magnesium has been added for its observed calming properties, alongside B vitamins to help to support the nervous system.
The traditionally used calming herbs of passiflora incarnate (passion flower) and chamomile are included with the aim of reducing anxiety.
The key antioxidant vitamin E has been selected as it has an important role in the health and maintenance of the reproductive system and is used alongside grape seed which contains powerful natural antioxidants. 
TEN registered nutritionist Clare Barfoot explained: “TEN Challenged Mare has been many months in the making and trialing to ensure we have produced the best possible product to help support calm behaviour and a healthy hormone balance in mares.”

TEN Challenged Mare is BETA NOPS code approved.

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