TV funnyman Mark Heap (Green Wing, Spaced) stars in a viral video to help raise awareness of puppy farming in the UK and promote a petition that aims to put an end to the horrific practice.

Pup Aid has created a humorous viral video to help raise awareness of of puppy farming and promote an e-petition to put an end to the horrific practice.

The video is launched as organisers prepare for the annual Pup Aid event, which will take place this weekend (September 7, 2013) in the “leafy doggy paradise” of north London’s Primrose Hill to help raise awareness about the UK’s cruel puppy farming trade.

The short film starring comedian Mark Heap (Spaced, Green Wing), which has been uploaded to YouTube, is entitled “Crazy Puppy Party” and follows the humorous exploits of Philip the dog when his owner pops out to buy milk…

The video includes links to Pup Aid’s e-petition, which calls on the Government to ban the sale of young puppies and kittens without their mothers being present.

Pup Aid founder Marc Abraham said: “We’ve made a fun internet viral which I would ask you to please watch, enjoy, then share like crazy far and wide, on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, newsletters, send it to celebs to retweet and share; basically wherever, as we need to get 100,000 signatures on our government e-petition to make sure cruel puppy and kitten farming is discussed in Parliament ASAP.

“The film, ‘Crazy Puppy Party’, stars one of my all-time comedy heroes Mark Heap, and I’d also like to thank Sniffy’s Dog Treats, Skint Records, Fat Boy Slim, A1 Animals, and The Broadcast Business for all their help with making this fun video with a serious message.”


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