The first annual Vet Report was released at the London Vet Show by the Pets at Home Vets Group last week (November 20).

New report contains data from more than 300 practices.

Drawing on surgical and clinical data from across 305 practices, the report provides insight into the health issues that pets will be facing in 2015 and beyond.

Primarily aimed at pet owners, the report is available to veterinary professionals and contains further information on the potential concerns that clients may bring into the surgery.

Microchipping is chief among these concerns, following recent changes in legal requirements for dog owners to ensure their pet is suitably chipped and registered with database providers. In 2013 alone, the Pets At Home Vet Group practices implanted 126,066 microchips.

The report includes a geographic analysis of dog and cat ownership, with the north of England and Scotland predominately owning dogs, while cats remain the preferred companion for pet owners in London and the South East.

In addition, the report reveals an alternative calculation of the most popular dog breeds in the country to the Kennel Club data, based on the information from the Pets at Home Vet Group. The findings suggest that the Staffordshire bull terrier was the UK’s most popular dog breed in 2014– edging out the Kennel Club’s leader, the Labrador retriever.

The report also identifies an increase in the geographical spread of Alabama Rot, a severe disease in dogs that can result in kidney failure, as a serious consideration for veterinarian surgeries across England and Wales. The report maps all cases of Alabama Rot in the UK – including The New Forest and a growing hotspot in Greater Manchester, an area of significant dog ownership.

Further findings reveal that domestic cats are still at risk from TB through contact with badgers and other animals harbouring the disease.

Sally Hopson
, chief executive officer of the Pets At Home Vet Group said: “With owners increasingly treating their pets as part of the family, there is a greater emphasis on pets’ health and wellbeing today than ever before.

“In this report, we wanted to share with consumers and veterinary professionals some of the industry insight from within our Vets group, as we strive to increase awareness, help prevent common health conditions and ensure a greater quality of life for the nation’s pets.”

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