The Government and the Health and Safety Executive are calling for feedback on red tape.

The Government and the Health and Safety Executive are calling for feedback on red tape.
Photo credit: Red Tape Challenge is seeking views from the public, business, industry bodies and volunteers, whose contributions will draw on their everyday experiences with regulation. 
Health and safety regulation is one of six themes on the Red Tape Challenge website and the public will be able to give comments on health and safety throughout the whole of the Red Tape Challenge campaign. But, from 30 June there will be a three-week focus on health and safety regulation to encourage people to get involved.
Comments will provide the Government with a clear picture of how the public views the more than 21,000 regulations that affect their everyday lives and will help it decide which regulations should stay, which change and which go entirely.
Geoffrey Podger, HSE’s chief executive, said: “The Red Tape Challenge is an ideal opportunity for people to give their views on health and safety regulation and we hope people get involved in the debate.
“The Health and Safety Executive is committed to protecting people from genuine risk and ensuring businesses don’t face unnecessary bureaucracy.
“This is a genuine consultation, which will capture the views of people who are affected by health and safety regulations. We want to hear from all those with an interest with the aim of simplifying health and safety and making it more effective and proportionate for the benefit of business and the workforce of Britain.”
All health and safety regulations will be available for comment, under the following areas:
   •         general health and safety;
   •         major hazard industries;
   •         higher risk workplaces; and
   •         dealing with hazardous chemicals and materials.


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