Forum Animal Health is launching a new programme designed for transition cows to help avoid milk fever relapses: the milk fever pack.

The new milk fever pack provides a continuous and complete supply of readily available oral calcium to avoid relapses, which also gives the cow extra support until her system is back in control. Unlike intravenous calcium, oral calcium will not suppress parathyroid hormone (PTH) release and therefore will not turn off the cows natural mechanism to regulate blood calcium levels.

Milk fever packEach pack contains one sachet of AggersFresh Cow (which supplies essential calcium, energy and rehydrates the cow); and two tubes of BotonicCalcium (which create a mild metabolic acidosis to enable the cow to mobilise calcium efficiently).

The pack has been developed in close collaboration with a leading veterinary nutritionist to allow veterinary surgeons to be involved at an earlier stage. The veterinary surgeon can then leave a follow-up protocol for the client to use, helping to avoid milk fever relapses. It gives veterinary surgeons a chance to introduce standard operating procedures into herd health plans bringing better control of milk fever on farms.

For more information, please contact Forum Animal Health on 01737 781416 or

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