A family pet has made a remarkable recovery after a high-impact collision with a cyclist left behind near fatal internal injuries.

Shadow, Sian and Alisha.
A recovered Shadow with his owner Sian and her daughter Alisha.

Staffordshire bull terrier Shadow initially walked away from the accident, but after collapsing at home was rushed to PDSA’s Gillingham Pet Hospital for an emergency operation.

Here, owner Sian Berry was warned the odds were stacked against the three-year-old’s survival after an ultrasound scan revealed a lacerated liver and severe internal bleeding. He had lost around one quarter of his blood.

Blood loss

PDSA vet Aoife McCormack said nearly a pint of blood had to be drained from Shadow’s abdomen before vets could stem the flow and operate to repair his liver.

She said: “We were faced with the nightmare situation of bleeding from two areas – both from the vessels to his spleen and the tear in his liver. The trauma to the liver was the most worrying for us as it’s much harder to stem the flow.

“Shadow had some very serious injuries and it was touch and go whether he would pull through surgery. Thankfully, the operation was a success and he made a good recovery, but without swift treatment there was a very real chance he would have bled to death.”

Denial and shock

Shadow with wheel.
Shadow battled extreme odds after being run over by a cyclist.

Ms Berry, meanwhile, said: “I couldn’t believe what had happened.

“I was taking Shadow for his usual walk in the local park when a cyclist suddenly appeared and ran over him.

“He didn’t seem too bad at first, just in a bit of shock, but by the time I got him home I realised something was badly wrong. He seemed in pain so I took him straight to PDSA. When they told me how poorly he was, it was just heart-breaking.”

Vets fought for five days to save Shadow’s life.

Ms Berry said: “The care received from PDSA was amazing. If we had lost Shadow, it would be like losing a family member. I can’t thank the vets and nurses enough for everything they’ve done.”

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