Lilies are beautiful, but deadly to cats. That is the message International Cat Care (ICC) is sharing with pet owners this September as part of its Keeping Cats Safe Campaign.

The campaign highlights the dangers of lilies. Photo credit: International Cat Care.

The vast majority of lily poisoning cases occurs in the home, usually from flowers in a bouquet or pot plant, the charity says.

In fact, ingesting any part of the lily – flowers, leaves, stem, pollen or even the water cut lilies are in – is extremely dangerous to cats and can cause kidney damage and, in severe cases, even death.

“The message of our campaign is that if you own a cat, never have lilies in the house and if you receive a bouquet with lilies in, they should go straight in the bin or given to a friend with no cats,” a spokesman said.

“Cats are curious and great climbers, so simply putting them out of the way may not be enough to keep your cat safe.

“If you suspect your cat has been exposed to lilies, take them to the vet immediately – this is not a time to wait and see – the earlier treatment is given the more chance your cat has of making a recovery,” they said.

A poster highlighting the dangers of lilies can be downloaded from the ICC’s website to help spread the word.

For full details on the dangers of lilies, including which species of lilies are toxic to cats, visit 

For all ICC’s Keeping Cats Safe information, visit

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