Nine scientists have created a group that aims to consider the optimal use offluoroquinolones and create dedicated guidelines for their use in companion animals.

REQUEST (REassessing QUinolones European STandards) is headed by Jean-Pierre Cotard, a professor of internal medicine. Other members of the group are vets with experience in surgery, dermatology, internal medicine, feline medicine, microbiology and pharmacology, and Françoise Leblanc, a doctor and international expert on antibiotics.

During the initial meeting in October 2008, they defined their framework of investigation and agreed that the groups’ goal is to provide vets with dedicated companion animal fluoroquinolones guidelines that will help them to give best care to their patients in everyday situations.

The REQUEST group will look to answer the following basic questions:

  • What should be the working definition of companion animal and the perimeter of the group investigations?
  • What should the best practices regarding fluoroquinolones prescription be?
  • How relevant are the numerous publications dealing with antibiotherapy in companion animals with respect to “evidence-based” standards and are they coherent with the answers to the above question?

There will be a special focus on the reassessment of fluoroquinolones prescriptions among companion animals.

Prof Cotard said: “The quinolones belong to a very important family of antibiotics. It is necessary to reassess the use of these antibiotics and to find the best practices. I hope it will be useful for all the European veterinarian community.”

It will take a minimum of two years to complete this work, however the first recommendations should be published within a few months.

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