Austin Davis Biologics Ltd is working with veterinary product distributors, ProVet APS, to supply EquiSal Tapeworm to veterinary practices in Denmark and Sweden.

Tapeworm test now available in Sweden and Denmark

EquiSal Tapeworm is a new diagnostic test using saliva to give an accurate, cost effective measure of a horse’s tapeworm (Anoplocephala perfoliata) burden.

The test measures tapeworm-specific antibodies in saliva and has been proven to have both high sensitivity and specificity, which is important for correct burden identification. Veterinary practices in Denmark are already stocking EquiSal Tapeworm kits to provide to their horse owner clients.

After saliva is collected using specially designed swabs, the samples are shipped to Austin Davis Biologics in the UK for testing. Saliva samples have been proven to be stable for at least three weeks meaning samples can safely be shipped to the UK from countries in Europe. EquiSal Tapeworm results are provided to the initiating veterinary practice, enabling them to report to clients, and prescribe anthelmintics if necessary.

Both Denmark and Sweden comply with an EU Commission Directive
(2006/130/EC) where anthelmintics are only available on prescription by veterinary surgeons. EquiSal Tapeworm provides an invaluable diagnosis of tapeworm burdens, enabling veterinary surgeons to make informed decisions on whether prescription of anthelmintics is necessary.

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