More Than pet insurance has revealed its top ten strangest dog-related insurance claims of 2012 – all of which concern the objects our canines eat instead of dinner.

It would appear dogs will eat anything if they get half the chance.

Our mishevious dogs have been at it again - eating anything they can! Topping the chart for the strangest claim is an entire corn on the cob!RSA, the owner of More Than insurance, has revealed the top 10 strangest dog-related claims it received in 2012, all of which are related to the the objects our canines decide to eat.

Topping the chart is an entire corn on the cob, while ornamental grass and sand round out the top three.

The full list of quirky meals is as follows:

1. Entire corn on the cob
2. Ornamental grass
3. Sand
4. Razor blade
5. Bar of soap
6. Tealight candles
7. Poppy pins after Remembrance Sunday
8. Raisins from mince pies
9. Christmas decorations
10. Chocolate

When it comes to medical costs, the ingestion of tealight candles seemed to be the cheapest condition to treat, costing on average £13.86. However, at the other end of the spectrum, treating the damage from a razor blade costs £1,134.50 while poisoning from chocolate can cost £3,189.28.

John Ellenger, head of More Than pet insurance, said: “We’re used to dealing with claims that relate to wounds and injuries, but every now and then you come across some slightly strange ones. We all know that pets love the occasional treat, but it’s clear that we have a mischievous nation of dogs that will eat absolutely anything and everything.  

“With dogs prone to eating some unusual items, it’s important owners keep a close eye on them and keep dangerous items such as razor blades out of the way. By doing this, owners can go some way in trying to stop their pets tucking into something other than their dinner.”

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