Vétoquinol adds “highly practical” client brochure and fridge magnet to its support pack for its Epiphen brand.

Animal health manufacturer Vétoquinol has announced it has added two new “highly practical” items to the support pack for its Epiphen brand, which controls epilepsy in dogs.

The two new items join the other items in the pack, which include a seizure diary, dog tags, seizure report pads, an owner manual, a medication record and free serum level monitoring vouchers.According to the company, the two new items – a client brochure and a fridge magnet – should help owners to fully understand epilepsy and make it easier for them to comply with daily dosage requirements.

The brochure – called What I Need to Know – has been written specifically for clients who have been prescribed Epiphen for their pet for the first time, and covers the information owners need to help them understand and manage their pet’s condition. This includes how Epiphen works and what owners can do to help their dog. It also features information on how to monitor seizures and frequently asked questions.

Product manager for Epiphen, Abbie King, said the inspiration for the new brochure came after spending time at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, where Vétoquinol realised “how much information an owner needs to take in when their dog is diagnosed with epilepsy”.

The Epiphen treatment fridge magnet, meanwhile, is designed as a quick reference guide to prescribing information that is needed every day when living with a dog with epilepsy. It leaves space for the owner to write in his or her dog’s name, dosage details and timings and a vet’s phone number. It is especially helpful, says Vétoquinol, as a reference if more than one person is caring for the dog.

Other items in the Epiphen support pack include an owner manual, a medication record, a seizure diary, dog tags, seizure report pads, free serum level monitoring vouchers and a free, online resource at www.epiphenonline.co.uk

To order a free Epiphen client support material, telephone 0800 169 8197. Also, vets struggling with a difficult case of canine epilepsy can take advantage of the Vétoquinol’s free ‘Ask the Expert‘ scheme on the same number, or a case history can be emailed to epiphen@vetoquinol.co.uk

For more information, visit Vétoquinol’s website.

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