World Horse Welfare’s campaign to end the long-distance transportation of horses to slaughter in Europe has entered a critical stage, with a written declaration needing urgent MEP signatures.

Horse on lorryBecause the petition has shown MEPs how strongly the people of Europe feel, a written declaration has been tabled in the European Parliament calling for an urgent review of the regulation which governs the transport of horses to slaughter.

According to the charity, at least half of all MEPs must sign this declaration (Written Declaration 54/2009) before January 21, 2010.

A spokesman said: “If this is achieved, then our voice in Europe will become stronger and we will be a step closer to ending these journeys for good. However, if the declaration is not supported by 50 per cent of MEPs it will fall, weakening the case for new laws to stop these cruel and unnecessary journeys and helping those who oppose better welfare conditions for these horses.”

Jo White, director of campaigns and communications, said: “We’re extremely grateful to Liz Lynne MEP, Sidonia Jędrzejewska MEP and Carl Schlyter MEP for tabling this important written declaration. It’s a great opportunity to increase pressure on the European Commission to release a proposal on amendments to the transport regulation.

Horse with rubbed tail“A huge amount of suffering is still happening every day as the single biggest abuse of horses in Europe continues. 100,000 horses a year a forced to endure inhumanely long journeys, where they become dehydrated, injured, exhausted and stressed. This cruelty can be ended, but only with public action.”

World Horse Welfare asks that you contact your MEPs, asking them to sign Written Declaration 54/2009, and ask your friends in Europe and the UK to do the same. Each region in the UK and across Europe has a number of Members of the European Parliament (MEP) who are there to be your voice at the European Parliament. They can only represent your views if you make them known.

A template letter (available in a range of languages) is available online at or by calling 01953 497226.

To find out who your regional MEPs are, visit

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