Elanco Animal Health will host a webinar on the management and treatment of endoparasitic worms in the dog and cat designed to provide a topic refresher for final year vet students.

Ian Wright is a leading expert in veterinary parasitology.

The online seminar will take place at 8pm on Wednesday May 20 and is entitled “Common endo-parasitic worms of UK cats and dogs: a guide to their management”.

The webinar will be presented by Ian Wright, head of the European Scientific Counsel for Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP) UK and Ireland.

Mr Wright holds a Master’s degree in veterinary parasitology and continues to carry out research into companion animal parasites, including work on intestinal nematodes.

Featuring an overview of intestinal roundworms, tapeworms and lungworms, the webinar will include information on lifecycles, zoonotic potential, diagnoses, risk factors, treatments and prevention, the importance of good hygiene around pets and ESCCAP’s worm control guidelines.

Mr Wright said: “Parasite treatment and control, along with vaccination, forms the cornerstone of routine, but vital, disease prevention in first opinion practice. It also forms a core part of improving human health, as many parasites of pets are also zoonoses. Increased pet travel abroad also makes an understanding of parasitology essential if vets are to play their role in keeping the UK free of new pathogenic parasites.

“Despite this, the core parasitology teaching occurs early on in the veterinary medicine courses and so it is important final year students refresh their knowledge of parasitology and its practical applications before they begin their careers in practice.”

To register for the 50-minute webinar, visit register with the Webinar Vet.

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