A website that provides information on parasites and parasitic diseases, resistance and responsible use, and best practice solutions for the control and treatment of parasites in livestock and horses has been launched by Bimeda.

Not surprisingly, Bimectin.com heavily features the veterinary pharmaceutical company’s Bimectin range of anthelmintics, although Bimeda claims that “farmer and horse-owner education is the key priority for the company”.
The Bimectin website is designed to help users gain a greater understanding of parasites and key parasitic diseases, and offers a “news and technical advice” section which is updated with seasonal advice on parasite control.
Bimeda technical vet Padraig Hyland explained: “Parasite control is a key issue for every livestock farmer and horse owner. From lungworms in cattle, to intestinal worms in sheep, threadworms in piglets and pinworms, ascarids and bots in horses, parasitic diseases create a number of issues, including impaired productivity for animals and increased stress levels and veterinary costs for their owners.
“By launching this website, we have created a central information hub where farmers and horse owners can go to gain a greater understanding of numerous parasitic diseases and what they can do to treat and control them.”
The website also features information on Bimeda’s range of ivermectin-based anthelmintics for cattle, sheep, horses and pigs, as well as customer testimonials.
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