Drontal is set for a busy period with the launch of a new TV advertising campaign, sponsorship of the forthcoming series of The Dog Whisperer and the launch of its My Pet Superstar competition.

Drontal is launching a hard-hitting two month TV advertising campaign featuring the iconic Drontal schnauzer. The move follows a recent high-profile campaign which saw 83% of cat and dog owners naming Drontal ahead of any other wormer.
The iconic Drontal schnauzerMoreover, Drontal has announced that it will be renewing its sponsorship agreement by sponsoring the new series of the popular TV series, The Dog Whisperer, with renowned dog trainer Cesar Milan. This is due to be aired from October until December this year.
A new competition is also being launched by Drontal to enable owners to showcase their pets and win a number of fantastic prizes, including a double page spread in Your Dog and Your Cat magazines, holidays at pet-friendly hotels, digital cameras, shopping vouchers, pet accessories and more.
Pet owners will be able to submit photos, videos and stories to www.mypetsuperstar.com which has four competition categories:

  • Most entertaining: to showcase the most talented cats and dogs with amusing habits, funny mannerisms and clever tricks
  • Cutest: for cute and cuddly pets that have the “aahhhh” factor
  • Look-a-like: for pets that resemble a famous celebrity, politician or historical character, or even those that have similar personality traits to someone in the public eye
  • Inspirational: for heroic pets that have helped their owners overcome an obstacle in life, motivated them to do something new or simply have a “tail” of courage

Product manager Dan White said: “My Pet Superstar aims to celebrate the unique traits and talents that make us love and take pride in our pets. Visitors to the website will be able to vote for their favourite entries and even post these to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. With four very different categories, this competition will be wide open to all dog and cat owners. Our motto is that healthy pets are happy pets, and we will use the competition to remind dog and cat owners about the benefits of regular worming.”
Practices can get involved by displaying waiting room materials including A4 static window posters, shelf wobblers and mobile hanging devices by calling 0845 257 4798.

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