Rockets and Catherine wheels may not be the only things creating a big noise this fireworks season.

Rockets and Catherine wheels may not be the only things creating a big noise this fireworks season.
More cats and dogs need help to treat their phobias says the outspoken Dr Monkey, who believes that the lead up to November 5 is a big deal for those pets that suffer firework phobia.
The inimitable Dr MonkeyBut Dr Monkey is far from being a crackpot or a firebrand. He is in fact a nine-year-old border terrier from Dorset who will be bringing his own real-life experiences to the attention of millions of pet owners on Facebook, Twitter and at from September 27.
Dr Monkey’s activities will be part of Dorwest Herbs’ Firework Phobia No Fear campaign, which is now in its fourth year.
Roly Boughton, marketing director at Dorwest Herbs, said: “Dr Monkey will be helping us empathise with the millions of pet owners who have watched their pets suffer because of noise and firework phobia. As well as giving practical tips and information in the six-week lead up to the big day, Dr Monkey will also be explaining to pet owners that their vets can help and will encourage them to visit their local practice.”
This year, the company is offering a 40% discount on all Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and Valerian Compound purchased between September 1 and October 31 to those practices who order direct.
In addition, Dorwest is offering a “Pick N Mix” of promotional goodies available to best suit how practices want to communicate the issues to their clients, including:

  • client leaflets,
  • leaflet holders,
  • posters,
  • shelf wobblers,
  • counter top display units,
  • badges, and
  • postcards.

Dorwest has also been active in producing technical papers that gather the evidence for the mode of action of herbal treatments so that veterinary professionals can make objective decisions. Their latest technical sheet on phobias is freely available on request.
To find out more about the Dorwest Firework Phobia No Fear campaign, order some free goodies or take advantage of the promotional offer, call 01308 897272 or email

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