PDSA vets in Aberdeen got the (Kinder) surprise of their lives when they discovered a balding yellow cartoon icon hidden in the stomach of a Dalmatian collie crossbreed.

Ten-year-old Dixie, from Aberdeen, needed emergency surgery to remove the plastic Homer Simpson figure from her intestine after the sweet-toothed pooch swallowed the toy while wolfing down a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg, snaffled from the kitchen table.

Dixie Dixie’s owner Victoria Keir said: “I didn’t suspect anything at first until Dixie stopped eating and drinking. Normally she’s full of energy but suddenly she just seemed to become very listless and depressed.”

Dixie was rushed to Aberdeen PDSA PetAid hospital when she began vomiting and developed severe diarrhoea.

Veterinary staff suspected a foreign body, which was confirmed when x-rays revealed a strange figure lurking in Dixie’s stomach. She underwent surgery to remove the plastic shell and figure from her gut.

PDSA vet Alison Hamel said: “Dixie was very ill when she was brought in. She had lost a lot of weight and was extremely dehydrated. The x-rays confirmed there was a foreign body but it was a big surprise to discover a plastic egg shell with Homer Simpson inside. We see many objects that have been swallowed but this has to be one of the most unusual.

Dixie is reunited with Homer “Dixie came through surgery without any complications but if it had been left any longer it could have proved fatal,” she said.

Dixie was kept in for two days following her operation and prescribed a special diet for a fortnight to help her gain weight and aid her recovery.

Dixie’s owner Victoria Keir said: “Dixie loves chocolate so we think she must have seen the Kinder egg on the kitchen table and gulped it down. We would have never known had it not been for Homer. I’m so pleased that Dixie has pulled through because losing her would have been like losing a member of our family. I can see the funny side now but at the time it was extremely traumatic and I’m very grateful to the PDSA for saving her life.”

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