Lord Redesdale’s Dog Control Bill moves a step closer towards changing dangerous dog legislation, as it reaches Committee Stage for a detailed line-by-line examination in the House of Lords.

With the support of animal welfare organisations, charities and more than 10,000 signatories, Lord Redesdale’s Dog Control Bill moves a step closer towards changing dangerous dog legislation when it reaches Committee Stage today (January 21, 2011).
Lord Redesdale’s Dog Control Bill reaches Committee Stage today - Jan 21, 2011.The Dog Control Bill would replace the widely criticised Dangerous Dogs Act (1991), targeting the behaviour of any dog and their owners to reduce the occurrence of serious dog incidents rather than continuing to demonise specific breeds or types.

The Committee Stage of the Dog Control Bill will take place in the House of Lords this afternoon. This is a detailed, line-by-line examination of the bill, during which amendments (proposals for change) for discussion are selected and voted on by members of the Public Bill Committee.

Once committee stage is finished, the bill returns to the floor of the House of Commons for its report stage, where the amended bill can be debated and further amendments proposed.
Lord Redesdale.Members of the Dangerous Dogs Act Study Group (DDASG) – which include animal welfare organisations, veterinary professionals and local authorities, believe that Lord Redesdale’s Dog Control Bill is the best way forward to deal with dogs that are dangerously out of control and to ensure their owners bear the responsibility of their actions.
The group launched a petition in support of the bill, which received more than 10,000 signatures. Also, a recent public consultation by DEFRA saw 71% of respondents calling for breed specific legislation to be repealed.
Lord Redesdale said: “People deserve to feel safe around all dogs, yet existing legislation has failed to reduce the number of dog bite incidents, which have risen by 79% in the past five years in London and 43% nationally. This bill goes a long way towards protecting the public through tougher, earlier action against irresponsible dog owners.”


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