A Norfolk dog breeder accused of conning pet owners out of more than £171,000 has changed her plea to admit fraudulent business.

Lisa Walsh, 47, could face jail after she admitted duping pet owners by claiming puppies she sold were Kennel Club (KC) registered, when they were not.

Walsh operated a dog breeding business from a variety of addresses. She would charge around £500 per puppy and falsified paperwork that indicated the puppies were inoculated against diseases such as parvovirus.

David Wilson, prosecuting on behalf of Norfolk Trading Standards, told Norwich Crown Court how some of the puppies bought from Walsh were vomiting and had diarrhoea after the new owners took them home.

One labrador puppy she sold needed a £5,000 operation on its hip and another had to be put down after it contracted parvovirus.

Walsh had denied participating in a fraudulent business between September 2009 and October 2012, but changed her plea to guilty on the third day of what was to be a four-week trial.

The jury was discharged from reaching any verdict on a second charge of transferring criminal property. At an earlier hearing, Walsh admitted two allegations of fraud in making false representations that the puppies had been vaccinated.

Sentencing was adjourned for reports to a date to be fixed. Judge Anthony Bale indicated Walsh could face jail, but said it may be suspended due to strong personal mitigation.

During the trial, the jury had been told how Walsh undertook a number of steps to deceive pet owners, including buying in litters of puppies, then claiming she had bred them.

Norfolk Trading Standards launched an investigation after receiving complaints and visited Greenacres Farm in April 2012.

Trading standards officers who entered the barn area found a number of dogs including black, chocolate and yellow
Labradors and puppies, a boxer dog and puppies, West Highland white terriers, cavalier King Charles spaniels and two cocker spaniel puppies.

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