Novartis Animal Health has announced the publication of a clinical review paper, authored by leading veterinary dermatologists, which is to be made available to all via open access. 

Tim Nuttall, one of the paper’s authors

“The use of ciclosporin: a decade of experience in veterinary dermatology” is a retrospective look at the advances in understanding about atopic dermatitis and summarises current thinking about the safety and efficacy of the drug.

The paper was commissioned as part of Atopica’s Decade of Comfort campaign to celebrate ten years since the launch of the drug.

Authors include Douglas J DeBoer, professor of Dermatology at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin, and RCVS specialist in veterinary dermatology Tim Nuttall.

Mr Nuttall explained: “We have reviewed nearly 90 papers from the past 10 years and the evidence presented within them has led us to conclude that ciclosporin is safe for the long-term management of canine atopic dermatitis. The hope is that this data will be useful to clinicians as reassurance of the safety of ciclosporin when discussing treatment options with the owners of atopic dogs.”

The clinical review paper concludes with “Ciclosporin 10 years on: indications and efficacy” by veterinary dermatologists Peter Forsythe and Sue Paterson. Outlining mechanisms of actions, pharmacokinetics and the clinical implications of ciclosporin, this concluding section of the paper acts as an educational resource for vets, clearly outlining how ciclosporin should be used in practice and why.

Indications of the drug for conditions other than atopic dermatitis are also detailed
– something that may provide some vets with a new treatment avenue for diseases that they find problematic.

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