The European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS) has unanimously approved creation of a new European College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (ECVECC). 

The board says it represents a great step forward for emergency and critical care (ECC) in Europe.

The 10 Founding diplomates, who will comprise the organising committee, are the chairman, Amanda Boag, Joris Robben, Nadja Sigrist, Sophie Adamantos, Marcel Aumann, Andrew Brown, Dan Chan, Cristina Fragio, Isabelle Goy-Thollot and Francoise Roux.

Amanda Boag, who is clinical director at Vets Now and president of EVECCS. said she was delighted.

“This is the final milestone for achieving recognition for ECC as a defined speciality in Europe,” she said. 

“Over the past 10 years, ECC has grown in Europe and especially the UK. Academic institutions, notably the RVC, have supported and developed ECC through their student and post-graduate education.  

“Commercial companies such as Vets Now have also grown and have strong internal training programmes such as the Cutting Edge.

“There are multiple opportunities for those working in practice to obtain further skills in this area with the RCVS certificate and the BSAVA/Vets Now ECC certificate and it is fantastic we will now be able to offer European Diploma training programmes in the UK. 

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