DairyCo, a not-for-profit organisation working on behalf of Britain’s dairy farmers, is hoping to build on the successful 2013 roll-out of its Healthy Feet programme by holding a workshop to train “mobility mentors”. 

The two day workshop, to take place in Dorset on February 12-13, aims to make it easier for producers to access a broadened pool of mentors who can deliver the DairyCo Healthy Feet Programme (DHFP) on farm.
The DHFP was created to help dairy farmers reduce the number of lame cows on their farms by identifying and applying the right management techniques. With this in mind, the workshop aims to cover the necessary skills required of a mentor in order to successfully implement the programme.
DairyCo product manager Kate Cross said: “As the workshop covers the hows and whys of delivery we would expect those looking to train as mobility mentors to have a thorough understanding of the biology of cows’ hooves, as well as a deep appreciation of a dairy cow’s behaviour and management. Mentors will therefore be vets who have experience in dairy herd health (minimum of two years qualified), or are licensed NACFT hoof trimmers.”
The two-day CPD course costs £535 plus VAT.

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