CPC, the UK’s leading national pet crematorium, has launched a new scattering tube for the ashes of pets that are cremated individually.

CPC, the UK’s leading national pet crematorium has launched a new scattering tube for the ashes of pets that are cremated individually. Called the Emerald Scattering Tube, it has been designed in-house on the strength of the company’s extensive experience of individual compassionate pet cremations, which it introduced in the 1980s.

The Emerald Scattering Tube comes in three sizes, with capacities of 400ml, 700ml and 1.5 litres respectively, suitable for the ashes of cats and other small animals, small dogs and larger dogs. It is made from 90 per cent recyclable materials and is bio-degradable.

The scattering tube is the latest addition to CPC’s extensive range of presentation containers for companion animals’ ashes. According to the company, it has been tastefully designed to make the process of scattering easier for a grieving owner, and it can also be interred or retained if required. The design was subject to pre-launch evaluation at the Spring 2009 BSAVA Congress, where it was well received.

Stephanie Castling, who played a major role in the design of the new scattering tube, along with the company’s pet bereavement advisors, said: “For most owners a pet is a close friend or family member.

“Where the vet has arranged an individual cremation – as is often the case – it is important that a pet’s ashes are well presented. This is both a credit to the veterinary practice, showing that it cares for grieving clients, and also a comfort to the owner, reassuring them that their pet was handled with care and compassion to the very end.”

After individual cremation, CPC carefully checks the identity of all individually cremated ashes and packs them in a container chosen by the owner. Where an Emerald Scattering Tube is selected, the ashes are safely sealed into the bio-degradable tube for scattering whenever the bereaved owner feels ready to do so.

Where the owner attends an individual cremation at CPC, the ashes can be prepared to take home on the day, in an Emerald Scattering Tube or any other casket or urn from CPC’s range.

To find out more about the Emerald Scattering Tube and CPC’s pet cremation services, please call 01763 207700, email info@cpccares.com or visit www.cpccares.com

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