If you found yourself off work through illness or injury, how would you cope financially? In the UK, claiming Employment and Support Allowance could help to the tune of £71.00 a week – but in the face of such outgoings as a mortgage, bills and other living expenses, £284 a month is unlikely to be enough.

Could you survive on £71 per week if you were off work through illness or injury?Unfortunately, there is very little in the shape of a state-funded safety net, and the UK Government now expects individuals to take responsibility for their own financial wellbeing, which is why it makes sense to have adequate cover in place to financially protect you, your family or your business in case you find yourself unable to work.

PG Mutual is a not-for-profit membership organisation that has specialised in providing income protection for healthcare professionals since 1928.

The friendly society’s income protection plan provides a replacement income to a member when they suffer an injury or illness that prevents them from working.

Cover can start from the first day of incapacity and lasts until you can return to your own profession. 

The plan also incorporates an Individual Capital Account that accumulates during your membership, with a view to paying you a cash lump sum upon the termination of the plan in your retirement years.

For Vetsonline users, PG Mutual has launched an exclusive offer on income protection, with a 25% DISCOUNT on the first year’s cover for those who apply before July 31, 2012.*

For further details, call PG Mutual on 0800 146 307, or visit www.pgmutual.co.uk

* Subject to terms and conditions

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