Nutraceutical manufacturer VetPlus has received overwhelming support from independent vets after launching its “No No No” campaign at the London Vet Show 2014.  

The campaign sees VetPlus saying no to the discounts some manufacturers give to online pharmacies, corporates and pet shops, which allow them to undercut independent vets.  

Gurmail Singh, UK national sales manager at VetPlus, said: “At the show, lots of vets talked to us about pet owners who have bought cheap nutraceuticals online and don’t know how to administer them.  

“Our campaign is designed to create a standard price point for our products across all sales channels to encourage pet owners to seek both products and advice from their vet.”  

To support independent vets, VetPlus offers its products to everyone at the same prices to encourage owners to buy from their vet rather than looking for the cheapest option without any advice or guidance.  

Mr Singh said: “We want the message to be loud and clear that we are huge supporters of the independent veterinary sector. While we sell to all areas of the marketplace, it’s best practice for consumers to buy nutraceutical products through their vet.  

“When consumers choose to purchase online without professional advice, how can they be sure it is the right product for their pet? Online there is no guarantee what you’re buying is genuine and we know of many pet owners who have been disappointed when they’ve decided to buy in this way.”  

VetPlus works closely with the VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directorate) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) to ensure its products are made to the highest standard.  

Mr Singh added: “At VetPlus we hope the near future will see the nutraceutical industry come under strict regulation and we do all we can to ensure that when this happens our products already meet manufacturing and veterinary medical standards.  

“Furthermore, VetPlus manufactures 96 per cent of its products in Britain, which is something we’re very proud of. Internationally, this holds a lot of kudos and consumers of our products can be confident they have been manufactured to the highest standards.”  

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