The staff at veterinary pharmaceutical company Virbac were enthusiastic participants in Bring Your Dog to Work day, with 10 dogs joining their owners in the office for the day.

Varying in size from Betty Boo the jackapoo to Ollie the golden retriever, the dogs were very well behaved in the office, according to vet and companion animal marketing manager Simon Boulton.

“Having our dogs with us put a smile on everyone’s face,” he said.

“We managed to get some work done during the morning before going out for a long walk at lunchtime then coming back for a picnic.

“It was great fun and a great bonding opportunity, both for our team and for our dogs.

Meanwhile, the Nottingham office of vet practice group CVS sponsored this year’s Bring Your Dog to Work day, though for their staff, every day is a Bring Your Dog to Work day.

Commercial and marketing director of CVS Barry Brackner, who owns two dogs called Phoebe and Mia, explained: “We have always felt having dogs in the office creates a friendlier and more productive working environment.”

“Our staff love having their dogs with them and it’s good for the dogs too.

“While we are fortunate enough to benefit from canine company every day, we wanted to support Bring Your Dog to Work day and, in particular, to recognise the great charities it is raising funds for.”

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