Pictured clutching tightly on to mum, this little bundle of fur is proving to be a real mummy’s boy.

Peeking out from behind mum Niamey’s long black coat, the tiny eastern black and white colobus monkey, named Atlas, spends most of his time at ZSL London Zoo peacefully snuggling with his mother.

But if his adoring aunt and doting siblings try to give him a cuddle, he squeals and wriggles until he’s back in the arms of Niamey.

Seven-inch tall Atlas, who, in keeping with the zoo’s colobus family tradition of naming infants after parts of the skeleton, is named after a bone in the neck, joins dad Radius, sister Anvil and brothers Maxilla and Bones.

Colobus monkeys are facing threats in the wild from the illegal wildlife trade, including being hunted for their fur and as bushmeat and Atlas is a valuable addition to the European conservation breeding programme for the species.

The one-month-old infant will eventually lose his startling white looks, as his hair and features will darken with age, and he’ll grow to around 30 inches tall.

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