A customisable cloud-based practice management system that aims to match the way vets work has been launched.

VetCloud has an intuitive interface and logical workflow that its creators claim reduces time and energy in entering data.

The company says it means vets can easily make sense of the information they have, enabling them to see all relevant health notes, create new entries, follow ups or reminders, and generate estimates, invoices or prescriptions – all from the same screen.

With a live event feed informing all staff who is in the waiting or consulting rooms, which owners require information and who needs to pay, practices can, say its creators, ensure no owner is left waiting to be helped.

VetCloud’s chief executive officer Ivan Vesic said: “VetCloud ensures you are able to offer your clients a professional and friendly service while keeping them updated on their pets’ healthcare requirements.

“This includes a flow of bespoke information directly targeted at individual pets and out-of-hours support via the web portal and mobile apps.”

VetCloud will automatically manage a practice’s inventory or run in-depth, interactive reports on practice performance; these reports can be tailored by the practice to give them exactly what they need, whether that be costs and revenues per practice, vet or procedure, information on the highest spending clients or how frequently consults lead to follow up activity.

Using the data stored in VetCloud, the system can ensure only relevant content in emails or newsletters is sent to clients; VetCloud will even automatically generate personalised product recommendations with links either to the veterinary practice shop or to one of VetCloud’s partner product vendors based on the specific animal or owner’s requirements.

VetCloud’s web portal and mobile apps enable clients to log in to make appointments, repeat prescriptions, update their pet’s weight or add a health status. In the next phase of development, the system will also make a pet’s notes available to the owner in case of an emergency away from home.

VetCloud is accessible via a browser from any location, device and platform with no installation or set-up and information is held using the latest bank-standard data security.

For further information visit www.vetcloud.co

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