Steps are being taken to protect the status of EU vets and vet nurses living and working in the UK following the result of the EU referendum.

Sean Wensley
BVA president Sean Wensley said unanswered questions are “having a profound impact on many of our members”.

Brexit could have a huge impact on the profession, with the latest RCVS figures showing more than 50% of new registrants and 27% of all vets practising in the UK qualified elsewhere in the EU – including 1,096 from Spain, 636 from Ireland and 611 from Italy.

In a bid to clarify the future of these vets, the BVA has written to the secretary of state and ministers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, requesting an early statement to the effect non-British, EU vets and VNs who are living, studying or working in the UK will continue to be able to do so.

It is also seeking reassurance for UK veterinary professionals working and studying in other EU member states.

‘Profound impact’

BVA president Sean Wensley said it was difficult to comment on the reality of Brexit, since much will depend on forthcoming negotiations and decisions taken by the Government regarding whether to maintain existing EU legislation and rules.

“However, we recognise these unanswered questions are having a profound impact on many of our members,” he said.

“Particularly, members who are non-British, EU citizens – or have family members who are – and members who work alongside colleagues from other European member states.”

  • Read more about the BVA’s letter, and further reaction, in the 1 August issue of Veterinary Times.
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Dr Harry Caldicott
Dr Harry Caldicott
5 months 19 days ago

This is pure scaremongering by a left-wing cabal running, as they so often do, a public body. Brexit will clearly have no effect on the status of recognised degrees, and the government has already stated that current EU residents won’t be thrown out of the country. Any future immigrants will undergo the same process as those coming from countries such as New Zealand or Australia. Restricting access to our job market will have a good effect on the industry’s notoriously poor wages.


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