CEVA Animal Health has extended its behavioural range of products withthe launch of Senilife, a new easy to administer nutritional supplementwhich is specifically formulated to help manage signs of brain ageingin dogs and cats.

According to the company, the new product contains a combination of three essential brain nutrients – phosphatidylserine, vitamin B6 and vitamin E – which help maintain membrane fluidity and normalise neurotransmission. In addition, two natural but potent anti-oxidants – gingko biloba and resveratrol – support brain metabolism and help to neutralise free radicals and reduce amyloid deposits.


Common signs of brain ageing in dogs and cats include playing or interacting less, barking or howling at night, loss of house-training/litter box training, apathy or increased tiredness and disorientation. In a recent clinical study, 86 per cent of owners were satisfied with the results achieved after one month of using Senilife, with 73 per cent of dog owners and 67 per cent of cat owners noticing fewer signs of brain ageing within the first seven days.

Juliet Penaliggon, small animal marketing manager at CEVA Animal Health, says: “Many typical signs of brain ageing in dogs can be controlled by nutritional management. Senilife is a fast-acting, nutritional supplement that contains proven nutrients and neuroprotectives to help manage these signs.”

Senilife capsules are easy to administer either directly into the mouth of the pet or emptied onto the pet’s food. For further information, please contact your CEVA Animal Health representative or call 01494 781510.

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