Marboxidin suitable for treatment of micro-organisms susceptible to marbofloxacin, including skin and soft tissue infections (cats and dogs), respiratory tract infections (cats and dogs) and urinary tract infections (dogs).

Ceva Animal Health has launched Marboxidin chewable tablets for dogs and cats for the treatment of micro-organisms susceptible to marbofloxacin.

MarbodixinMarboxidin chewable tablets are available in three tablet sizes (5mg, 20mg and 80mg). Marboxidin is part of Ceva’s Cevolution range of high quality anti-infectives.

Conditions treatable with this new product include:

  • skin and soft tissue infections (in cats and dogs)
  • respiratory tract infections (in dogs and cats)
  • urinary tract infections (in dogs)

Containing marbofloxacin as its active ingredient, Marboxidin benefits from taste-masking lipid coating technology to ensure that its bitterness is not detected.

In palatability trials over 90% of dogs and 80% of cats voluntarily consumed Marboxidin chewable tablets from the hand or in food (Palatability study number LAV028/2012 in Marboxidin MA file).

For further details, contact your Ceva territory manager or call the customer support team on (01494) 781510.

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