Central College of Animal Studies has announced the launch of three newly-developed behaviour courses aimed at veterinary surgeons and qualified veterinary nurses.

The courses have been developed to promote flexible, work-based learning styles, with an emphasis on both practical capabilities and academic study.
The courses are:
  • Level 4 Diploma in Companion Animal Training
  • Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Companion Animal Training
  • Level 6 Professional Diploma in Clinical Animal Behaviour
Announced by veterinary behaviour course leader Loni Loftus at a recent companion animal behaviour CPD workshop hosted by Central College, the newly-available courses have proved to be popular with potential students and industry professionals alike.
Canine behaviour counsellor and author Karen Wild praised the courses for “exceeding industry standards in many areas through inclusion of high quality subject matter”.
The diplomas additionally allow for the studying of units in a stand-alone format for CPD.
Commenting on the new courses, Ms Loftus said: “The diplomas have been developed in response to an increase in the level of interest surrounding companion animal training and behaviour, and to provide a joining of the in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical experience required to be effective in practice. 
“Each diploma facilitates student progression and aims to promote high welfare, research-led procedures and practices that benefit animals, their carers, trainers and the behavioural medicine sector in general.”

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