Leading international bovine specialists are helping change the way cattle reproduction is managed in the UK through a series of educational CPD workshops sponsored by Ceva Animal Health.

The latest in the UK-wide series of bovine reproduction, education and discussion (BRED) workshops were held in Edinburgh and Bristol earlier this month.

Both were attended to maximum capacity, with one delegate remarking: “World class speakers, approachable, informative and practical workshops that will aid our protocols in practice.”

The two-day interactive sessions were presented by bovine reproduction and synchronisation specialists Richard Pursley of the department of animal science, Michigan State University; Paul Fricke, professor of dairy science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Katherine Timms, cattle reproduction technical advisor at Ceva.

The workshops gave veterinary delegates the opportunity to gain an exclusive insight, from international experts, into the advantages of bovine reproduction synchronisation protocols and the importance of getting to grips with the finer technical aspects of these techniques for best effect.

Updates on new data in several different reproductive areas, together with updated tools to resolve reproductive problems in dairy cows, enabled delegates to develop their technical and practical know-how.

Carol Atkinson, Ceva’s reprodAction range product manager, said: “We are excited about how well this initiative has been received.

“The workshops are now being seen as a valuable CPD tool to help UK vets successfully manage cattle reproduction and grow their livestock business.”

More BRED workshops will be scheduled for 2015.
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