Norbrook Laboratories has launched a steroid-based antibiotic preparation indicated for the treatment of surface pyoderma in dogs, including acute moist dermatitis and intertrigo.

Norbrook Betafuse
Betafuse is said to have an extended eight-week “in use” shelf life.

Betafuse Gel contains 5mg/g fusidic acid and 1mg/g betamethasone gel. It is available in 15g and 30g, with a unique polyfoil tube designed, said the firm, to reduce the likelihood of splitting and loss of product during use.

Extended shelf life

Betafuse is said to have an extended eight-week “in use” shelf life, in comparison to six weeks for the pharmaceutically equivalent pioneer.

UK product manager Lizzie Barnard for Norbrook, said: “Betafuse offers the prescribing veterinary surgeon greater choice and it complements our existing companion animal skin care portfolio.

Support material

“Product support material is available and includes a guide for dog owners on how to apply Betafuse simply and effectively.

“This leaflet is available by contacting your territory manager or by downloading it from our website.”

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