Animal health company Animalcare has launched the UK’s only veterinary licensed antifungal tablet for dogs.

Fungiconazol is used in the treatment of ringworm in dogs.

Fungiconazol (ketoconazole) is indicated for the treatment of ringworm in dogs.

Each tablet contains 200 or 400mg of ketoconazole, to be administered at a dosage of 10mg/kg bodyweight once daily, and comes in 100-tablet blister packs.

Tablets can be split into quarters or halves, allowing accurate treatment for dogs from 5kg (quarter x 200mg tablet daily) to 60kg (1.5 x 400mg tablet daily) and beyond.

The hypoallergenic chicken-flavoured tablets mean Fungiconazol is also suitable for dogs with food allergies or atopic dermatitis.

Animalcare product manager Tony Liepman said: “This is a great addition to our antimicrobial range and shows once again it’s possible for us to be innovative without breaking anyone’s budget. We have ensured all veterinary practices have access to Animalcare’s technical support department for further advice on treatment or its use in their patients.”

For further information, contact Animalcare on 01904 487687, or speak to your regional representative.

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