The royal college has announced the candidates standing in the 2017 RCVS council and VN council elections.

Put your questions to the candidates standing in the 2017 RCVS council and VN council elections. Image: momius / Fotolia.

As part of the election process, the college is inviting vets and VNs to put their questions to them in this year’s “quiz the candidates”.

Two questions

Each candidate will then be invited to answer two questions from those received and produce a video recording of their answers.

Recordings will be published on the RCVS website on 16 March.

Interested parties should email their question (only one per person) to or or post it on the college’s Facebook page or on Twitter using the hashtags #vetvote17 or #VNvote17, respectively, by noon on 27 February.

Vote online or by post

Council ballot papers and candidates’ details are due to be posted to all vets and VNs eligible to vote during the week commencing 13 March. All votes must be cast, either online or by post, by 5pm on 28 April.

RCVS council

Sixteen candidates are contesting six places on RCVS council, including three existing council members eligible for re-election and 13 candidates not on the council. They are:

  • Caroline Allen
  • Sarah Brown
  • Danny Chambers
  • John Davies
  • Chris Gray
  • David Leicester
  • Tom Lonsdale
  • Martin Peaty
  • Matthew Plumtree
  • Cheryl Scudamore
  • Huw Stacey
  • Christopher Tufnell
  • Kevin Watts
  • Trevor Whitbread
  • Thomas Witte
  • James Yeates

VN council

Four VNs are contesting two places in this year’s VN council elections. Two of these are existing council members eligible for re-election, while two candidates are not on the council. They are:

  • Miguel Borralho
  • Susan Howarth
  • Andrea Jeffery
  • Marie Rippingale

The biographies and statements of each candidate can be found at and

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