Forum Animal Health has launched a campaign to raise awareness among vets about the dangers of human foods for dogs over the festive period.

Dogs might die if they eat too many mince pies.

The campaign is also asking vets to help encourage dog owners to act quickly if their pets have eaten something they shouldn’t.

At the London Vet Show Forum Animal Health highlighted how treats such as mince pies and Christmas cake (which contain raisins or sultanas), as well as food containing onions and leeks, plus sweeteners and human medication, are all potentially lethal.

Forum Animal Health is also stressing the importance of dog owners presenting their pets at the vets as soon as possible after eating something potentially harmful.

Tim Gooders
, UK companion animal product manager at Forum Animal Health, said: “During the festive season clients often don’t recognise what is poisonous and don’t know what to do if there is a problem. Their instinctive response is to wait and see; however, animals need to be treated quickly before they have metabolised what they have eaten.”

He added the company’s new Apometic POM-V treatment is most effective if the animal is presented early, pre-poisoning. He said one way to alert clients was to use educational material in waiting rooms and also ensure veterinary nurses and support staff are fully aware of the risks.

The company has created a range of posters that can also be downloaded and printed out from its website.

“According to animal charity PDSA, despite the fact 85% of consumers are now aware chocolate is poisonous to dogs, almost half a million are still giving them chocolate treats intended for human consumption,” added TIm.

“Even ingestion of cooked fruits in fruit cake can cause kidney failure and the risks need to be communicated to owners. The message is, only feed your dog with dog food.”

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