The BVA has welcomed an announcement that the Associate Parliamentary Group for AnimalWelfare (APGAW) and the Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding have agreed to collaborate.

In a statement issued yesterday, the BVA noted Friday’s (February 27) agreement that the chairs of the APGAW’s pedigree dog working group, Eric Martlew MP and the Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding, Professor Sir Patrick Bateson, have agreed to work closely together to ensure both groups share important information and help each other undertake their respective tasks.

BVA President Nicky Paull said: “Last Autumn the BVA called for an independent review on the breeding of dogs in general. We pointed out that there was the genetic potential for health problems in any dog, regardless of whether or not it was pedigree registered and urged the active collaboration of all stakeholders in working together to improve the wellbeing of animals.

“We are delighted that APGAW and the Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding (set up by the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust) have agreed to collaborate and believe that the two reviews will both complement each other and add weight to the case for action. The BVA will, of course, be making submissions to both reviews.”

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