The BVA has reiterated its call to sign its e-petition that calls for an end to non-stun slaughter.

The petition, which the veterinary group launched last year, has secured more than 95,000 signatures, but must reach 100,000 to be considered for parliamentary debate.

More than 80% of halal meat is pre-stunned; however, the group calls for an end to all slaughter without pre-stunning to improve animal welfare.

EU and UK law requires all animals to be pre-stunned before slaughter to render them insensible to pain until death supervenes. But non-stun slaughter is permitted for certain religious communities.

While non-stun slaughter is permitted, the group also called for clearer slaughter-method labelling and post-cut stunning.

BVA president John Blackwell, said: “The campaign to end non-stun slaughter really matters to our members and the BVA has been very heartened to see the British public get behind us and this movement to improve animal welfare at slaughter.

“We are extremely grateful for the fantastic support we have had from organisations like RSPCA, CIWF, AVS, BVNA, AWF, Kennel Club (KC) and Vets Now who have pushed and promoted the e-petition through social media and to all BVA members who have encouraged family and friends to sign.

“With over 95,000 signatures there is no doubt that the target of 100,000, which will see the issue considered for a parliamentary debate, is within grasp

“But we cannot be complacent. This is by no means won. We have only this week been in discussions with the Welsh Government over plans to open an abattoir in Wales that has been approved by the Food Standards Agency to deliver non-stun slaughter.

“All governments in the UK need to be shown the strength of feeling on this issue – our veterinary colleagues need to sign the petition if they haven’t done so already and urge friends, colleagues, and clients to get behind the campaign and sign and share as well.

“Every signature counts and the more signatures on the petition when it closes at the end of March, the greater impact our voice together will have.”

The petition closes on March 30. For more information, or to sign the e-petition, visit

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