The has been developedto provide a comprehensive guide to a wide variety of veterinarymedicines issues that affect small animal practice, focusing on legislation, storage and dispensing.

BSAVA Medicines Guide Edited by Fred Nind and Pam Mosedale, with contributions from experts in the field, this online resource will prove a valuable tool for all members of the practice team.

Everyone who uses veterinary medicines has a legal and moral responsibility to use them appropriately. Many infringements of the law relating to the possession, use and disposal of veterinary medicines are criminal offences, and it was the aim of the Editors to produce an authoritative guide to help practitioners stay on the correct side of the law in an area where this can sometimes be problematic.

As the editors stated in the March issue of Companion : “Veterinary Medicines Regulations (VMR) change every year, whilst waste disposal provisions and dangerous drugs regulations seem to be updated even more often. This means that what you learned at a course attended last year or from a booklet published two years ago may no longer be accurate.”

The format of the BSAVA Guide to the Use of Veterinary Medicines , means that it is capable of being updated as the rules and regulations change, helping veterinary surgeons, nurses, practice managers, receptionists, students and kennel staff to get it right – first time and every time.

Efficient stock control, ambient storage conditions, stock rotation based on expiry dates and correct labelling are just some of the areas that need to be addressed when considering management of the practice dispensary. The section of the guide on correct storage and dispensary management provides recommendations on how this can be achieved.

Prescribing and labelling veterinary medicines are activities that every practitioner performs many times a day, and it is important that the detailed legal provisions governing these actions are adhered to. Covering such areas as: who may write a prescription; breaking packaging; and the additional regulations that apply for the supply of controlled drugs, the prescribing and labelling section helps guide the practitioner through this complicated area.

The BSAVA Guide to the Use of Veterinary Medicine s is available to all, not just BSAVA members, and the editors hope will “provide balm for all those worrying about the practical and legal constraints on the use of veterinary medicines”.

Download the guide for free from the BSAVA website .

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