A puppy was almost stitched up by its inquisitive behaviour when it swallowed part of a sewing kit that left it needing surgery.

Puddin x-ray.
The x-ray that revealed Puddin’s sharp snack (click to zoom).

King Charles-bichon cross Puddin was weeks from his first birthday when he ingested a sewing needle and thread.


His owner Lynda Ellis from Nuneaton was sewing labels in her daughter’s PE kit when she put the equipment down and went out of the room.

“I came back and was baffled to find the needle and thread I had been using had disappeared. I looked over to Puddin and suddenly realised why.”

Mrs Ellis rang YourVets Nuneaton, but as it was after 8pm, was told she needed to go to the 24-hour clinic in Coventry where he was x-rayed and operated on.

Lucky Puddin

Happy Puddin.
Puddin back to his old self.

YourVet 24 Coventry practice manager Sarah Newall said it was inevitable curious pets would want to taste something different, but she couldn’t imagine a needle being the tastiest of treats.

“The x-ray located the missing needle – thread still intact,” she explained.

“Puddin was lucky the needle didn’t go near his heart, as we could have been looking at a different case all together. Happily, we just needed to retrieve the unusual object and keep him in for a couple of nights to make sure he was okay.”

Puddin returned home later that week and is now on the mend.

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Julie Anne Moran
23 days 52 minutes ago

I remember a Siamese cat which was brought in as an emergency gagging- a piece of cotton was wrapped around the back of its tongue and a needle was hanging out of his anus!The rest of the cotton was entangled throughout his bowels.A lengthy operation ensued…and the cat survived-with a large abdominal scar! Julie Anne Moran R.V.N.


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