RCVS operational board reviews advice on the transport of injured dogs using blankets.

The operational board of the RCVS has issued revised guidance on the use of blankets to transport injured dogs.

On July 26, the newly formed board met and members took the opportunity to discuss the reaction within the profession to the striking off of Munhuwepasi Chikosi.

The original disciplinary committee (DC) hearing found Chikosi guilty of unreasonably delaying attending a dog that had been run over at a farm, and of unnecessarily causing it to remain in pain and suffering for at least an hour.

In light of these facts, DC directed Chikosi’s name be removed from the register for serious professional misconduct.

The decision provoked controversy, but perhaps the biggest cause of concern was advice in the case notes stating injured dogs should not be transported in blankets, as Mr Chikosi
had initially suggested to the owner of the injured animal.

That advice has now been withdrawn, however. Speaking on behalf of the board, president Neil Smith said: “We fully support the decision taken by the independent DC with regard to the Chikosi hearing, with one comment requiring clarification: the issue of whether a blanket can be used to move an injured dog.

“We consider it is acceptable, in most cases, to transport an injured dog with the aid of a blanket.

“The profession should be reassured that our standards committee [the new name for advisory committee] will consider the general issues raised by the Chikosi hearing at its next meeting.

“This will not be a review of the decision, but form part of the routine consideration of DC hearings made by the committee to see if they raise issues that require additional guidance and advice.”

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