The cull of 6,000 ducks has started after a case of bird ’flu was confirmed at a breeding farm in East Yorkshire.

Nafferton is at the heart of latest bird ‘flu outbreak. Image by Peter Church [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

An exclusion zone of six miles has been placed around the village of Nafferton after a private vet identified the H5 strain of the virus in one of the birds at the farm.

Chief veterinary officer Nigel Gibbens said the farm had good biosecurity in place so the risk of spread was “probably quite low“.

Meanwhile, the European Commission said the outbreak was likely to be linked to migratory birds – possibly swans – heading south for winter, and to cases in the Netherlands at the weekend and Germany earlier in the month.

Transport of poultry and eggs has been banned throughout the Netherlands after an outbreak of the H5N8 bird ’flu strain was confirmed at a chicken farm in the central province of Utrecht.

The commission said the “information available indicates the H5 virus in the UK is probably identical to the H5N8… virus found in the Netherlands and in Germany”.

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