Initial trials have demonstrated an improved pregnancy rate of up to24 per cent in dairy herds by using the new 3PSynch triple synchronisation, according to CEVA Animal Health.

The company also claims that the system indicates significant practical and economic advantages as it can help shorten the calving index, reduce culling due to infertility and help time efficiency for the stockman.

According to CEVA, the system involves three synchronisations with PRID, presenting three definite opportunities to serve cows in a 42 day period. This can be set up from 50 days in-milk and means that by day 92 there will have been three definite chances to get the cow pregnant. The economic effects lie in reducing the calving index, increasing the calf inventory and a reduction in cull cows for infertility.

The first synchronisation uses fixed-time insemination allowing increased submission rates of 100 per cent. The second and third synchronisations involve targeted insemination. The 3PSynch can also help to overcome repeat breeder problems such as early embryonic mortality or delayed ovulation. Problem cows can be clearly identified by veterinary examination.

In practical terms the system holds notable advantages for the stockman and allows vet visits to be coordinated with maximum efficiency. All the procedures are carried out on fixed days, allowing vets to insert devices or scan on a weekly visit. Oestrus detection should be easier too as it is targeted to known periods. Cows should come into oestrus in batches meaning that the stockman should only need to spend three days a week detecting effectively, without the need for time-consuming examinations seven days a week.

CEVA claims the system to be economically viable, citing trials on one farm that showed savings of around 30 per cent per cow when compared to conventional methods. Increased costs for additional PRID devices and more frequent vet visits are said to be outweighed by the increased number of pregnancies, the shortened calving interval and the reduced culling rate.

For further product information contact CEVA Animal Health Ltd, 90 The Broadway, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 1EG on 01494 781510

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