Bayer Animal Health has launched a new webinar that sees a group of leading feline experts discuss the latest topics in feline health care.

The 60-minute “Focus on Cats” webinar, which is available to vets now, identifies the need to approach the treatment of feline patients differently to other species in practice, both medically and behaviourally.

The content outlines the importance of considering ease of administration for treatment options and also actively focusing on client support, which will, in turn, help to increase compliance.

Introduced by Sam Taylor, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) feline specialist for International Cat Care (ICC), the webinar focuses on three key areas. The first – “Cats and Parasites” – is presented by Ian Wright, veterinary surgeon and parasitologist.

Parasites discussed include Toxocara cati, tapeworms, cat fleas and the link with Bartonella, ear mites and ticks.
With zoonotic potential being of increasing public awareness, especially in the case of T cati, the discussion focuses on treatment options and the importance of regular worming.

Sarah Caney, RCVS specialist in feline medicine, discusses chronic kidney disease in cats. This section of the webinar outlines the importance of making an early diagnosis, use of the International Renal Interest Society (IRIS) staging system and the appropriate use of phosphate binders.

The benefits of preventive health care plans, such as “Wellcat” from ICC, are also outlined. Finally, Mrs Taylor discusses antibiotic use in feline infections, focusing on important features of commonly used antibiotics in cats and highlighting the importance of owner compliance.

Now in its second year, Bayer’s free webinar programme is designed to give veterinary professionals access to experts and information to aid continuing professional development (CPD).

Group product manager at Bayer Animal Health, Vicky McAlister, said: “The new ‘Focus on Cats’ webinar provides an overview of common feline health concerns from some of the UK’s leading experts in the field.

“Bayer Animal Health endeavours to aid veterinary professionals in their continued development, providing them with comprehensive and useful materials to aid their CPD programmes.”

The “Focus on Cats” webinar is available to view now and can be accessed at
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