Bayer Animal Health has introduced a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) injection to its farm animal portfolio.

The injection is the latest edition to Bayer’s portfolio. Photo credit: Pixabay – RyanMcGuire

Dinalgen contains ketoprofen and is available as a 150mg/ml solution injection for cattle, pigs and horses.

The company claims the more concentrated format allows this product to provide the smallest dose fast relief NSAID available for cattle in the UK.

In cattle, Dinalgen is licensed for the reduction of inflammation and pain associated with lameness, postpartum, and musculoskeletal disorders; the reduction of fever associated with bovine respiratory disease and the reduction of inflammation, fever and pain in acute clinical mastitis in combination with antimicrobial therapy where appropriate. The withdrawal period for milk is zero hours and two days for meat.  

In pigs, it is licensed for the reduction of pyrexia in cases of respiratory disease and postpartum dysgalactia syndrome in sows, in combination with antimicrobial therapy. 

In horses, Dinalgen is licensed for the reduction of inflammation and pain associated with osteoarticular and musculoskeletal disorders, including lameness, laminitis, osteoarthritis, synovitis, and tendinitis. It also aids the reduction of visceral pain associated with colic.  

Bayer group product manager Sharon Cooksey said: “We are excited to have this new addition to our portfolio. It is a good fit with our existing products. A recent field study carried out by Nottingham University has shown NSAID (ketoprofen) treatment maximises the chance of recovery from lameness in dairy cattle. Lameness remains one of the big three issues in dairy practice so maybe it is time we moved on from hoof blocks and/or trimming in isolation and on to a more multi-layer approach.

“We have some great support tools in the pipeline to help both vets and farmers recognise and manage animals at risk for lameness,” she added.  

For more information, visit or contact your local Bayer territory manager.  

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