The Badger Trust have challenged the Government’s right to roll out culls in future, following unsatisfactory trials in Gloucestershire and Somerset.

The pilot culls, which were launched last year, were deemed to be ineffective and inhumane by the Independent Expert Panel (IEP).

An expected roll out of 10 new areas across the UK was postponed by the Government; however, the Somerset and Gloucestershire culls were continued as a trial.

Authorities stated that once the methods used to cull were improved, more culls would be considered in future.

Philip Mansbridge, chief executive of Care for the Wild, said: “If a wild animal cull is to be carried out, it must adhere to the highest standards of humaneness and scientific rigour.

There were concerns all along that this badger cull was falling short on both those counts, and the IEP confirmed that in their report.  

“So, for the Government to be carrying out more culls, but without even the competence safety net of the IEP, is shocking.

The legality of this must be questioned, so Care for the Wild fully supports The Badger Trust with their legal challenge.”  

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